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Companies Cable for Electric Power


ENERGOSERV LLC sells electrical materials including a wide range of products:-cables and electric conductors for medium and low-voltage electric apparatus for medium and low-voltage equipment for underground and overhead power lines-copper and aluminum lugs-pvc and metal channel for laying cables-flexible tube pvc and metal (copex) for electrical-lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor-lighting sources (mercury vapor light bulbs, sodium vapour lamps, bulbs and halogen tube etc.) -cable glands for electrical panels-metal enclosures, polycarbonate enclosures with buried or apparently mounting various sizes-plugs, circuit breakers, switches, variable voltage for indoor installations-pvc clamp for fastening of cables and conductors-drill bits for concrete and metal-measuring devices for measuring voltage, electrical-rezistentelor electrodes for grounding installations-galvanized strips made of different sizes-sleeves and heat shrinkable tubing-aluminium barcopper bar for electric-appliance, outboard dose dose-measuring blocks and three phase single phase (BMPM, BMPT)-energy monophase and triphase counters with direct or indirect link

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