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Tricon Pro Development Company LTD. produces PVC GEALAN, in number and in command of the army with steel profiles with thickness corrosion zicat 1,5-2 mm with double glazing 4-16-4 with thick lowE, 22 mm pilkington, saint-gobain and glaverbel.

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DOT CONSTRUCT TRADING comes to meet your needs on the outer with PVC claddings with THERMAL INSULATING GLAZING (double insulating glass, LOW-E) of real estate under construction or renovation.

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NaturaservInfiintata 2008 NATURASERV SRL, company aims of activity: design, execution, assemblage of pvc and aluminum SALAMANDER, REHAU, ALUMIL, at the best price-quality ratio providing availability for the entire range of counties Galati, Braila, Tulcea, Woodland Hills. Our mission is to elevate us, under a fierce competition with each other, through the quality of the works performed, to promptly answer to all exigencies builders and we optimize the overall activity for the benefit of end customer. We are careful in choosing personnel with whom we work, we follow rigorously all stages of a project and respond to what we deliver to our clients.

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SC Eurom Construct Trade Impex SRL

In a market marked by fierce competition, we have decided to tear down barriers, giving evidence of the highly professional quality hardened

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Store IT with discounted prices. We sell software and hardware products, new or secondhand. Find any Parts at low prices (Base Boards, Memory, processors, Video cards, Network Cards, hard drives, speakers, etc.)-Us and SH.

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ANTI-CORROSIVE S.A. is a national leader in surface protection of metal and concrete and offers modern solutions for combating corrosion, prolonging the life of installations and buildings, helping to reduce the costs in time and protect the environment. Diversification of the range of products, answering the specific needs of the clients, completed by a package of consulting services and execution, absolutely necessary in a modern, flexible and offers make a partner of ANTI-CORROSIVE S.A. solid and reliable business, a reliable friend for over 5000 customers who use our products!

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Manufacturer and distributor of stained glass in Romania SGO. 25 years of experience!

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