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Mobirom SA

Manufacturer of custom furniture: bedroom furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, children's furniture, kitchen furniture, Office furniture.

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Company with experience in the field of thermal-sanitary installations; We perform any type of installation, framing/mounting blocks, radiators, sanitary installation, sanitary ware, splitters, heating costs, modifications, assembly plants, water-sealing metrological measuring

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Sell epoxy resin and make working with the epoxy resin flooring.

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Founded in 1992, Mont Blanc reprezentul for Romania is the most highly reputed manufacturers of industrial equipment in Europe.

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CARRIER is the world's first manufacturer of equipment for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment for the transportation. UNICOMP is the official distributor in Romania. Our company specializes in distribution and technical services for a wide range of equipment and accessories in our field of activity. UNICOMP and the other companies in the group operating since 1990, and since the activity in the field of cold, today to provide "complete system" for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our company is part of a group of six private firms with a human potential of approximately 700 people. It is currently organized in Bucharest and in five branches: Dobrogea area-based in London; -Headquartered in Cluj; Moldova South headquartered at New Delhi; Moldova North based in Ottawa; Republic of Moldova-Chisinau-based. Besides our other affiliates about 21 companies operate as dealers and installers of our equipment throughout the country. Our company's growth has proved to be good, despite the difficulties of the market in Romania. In the last two years we managed to increase the sales volume by 30 to 50%, on the different families of devices. Our development policy is based on reinvestment of capital in fields related to the main activity, with the aim of providing more stability to our company. Our pricing policy is kept under a strict control, which allows us to offer the Romanian market of high quality products at fair prices. More than 500 contracts small and medium places our company as the first in the country in the field of equipment supplier, according to the latest ratings and CCIR which I obtained it.

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