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Electroaparataj Sa

Particular, is the leading manufacturer of low-voltage industrial equipment and installations, as well as a leading provider of metal and metal processing services, anti-corrosion protection coatings. High quality products, efficient technologies used at have made exports to reach the 35% of sales in 2003 to 75% in 2009, with significant weight in European markets demanding Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Italy.

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Filip Impex 93

We sell a wide range of measurement and detection devices: digital alcoolteste, thermometers, hygrometers, anemometre, rangefinders, luxmetre, manometers, gas detectors, sonometre, toximetre, explozimetre, oxigenometre, etc.

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Agev Group SRL, is a young company founded which proposed and soon managed to become a company known in the field of automation equipment. Our strategy is an opportunity to choose a single provider for all your power requirements. That's why the POWER is IN YOUR HANDS. Our partners are: AgevSenzor, Comelmar, Gefran, MD Micro Detectors, Datasensor, Datalogic, Pizzato Phonix Contact and electrical.

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